Some comedy stuff I'm in:

The Abodobo Project - Created and directed by Brian Lisi with improv from me. Watch me come unglued!

Synth Saturdays - Created and directed by Brian Lisi with improv from me.

Poor Visual Metaphors for an Aneurysm or a Period - More funny weirdness from Brian Lisi.

Bulimic Artist - I play an art lady in Jesse VandenBergh's video featuring lots of funny UCB people.


Some comedy stuff I wrote:

Meet the Panera Bakers: Rejected Takes - Written and directed by me, starring the hilarious Chuck Salter. Assistant director: Brooke DiMarco.

No Talking About the Kids: Kelly Hudson and Langan Kingsley pitched these characters at one of the first Beige meetings. Super fun to write and all the actors nailed it. Directed by Jim Santangeli.

The Man With Two Backs: This is the silliest thing I have ever written and ever will write and I will love Jon Marballi for the rest of my life for indulging my lunacy, Langan Kingsley for her emotional commitment to the Man with Two Backs, and Kelly Hudson for singing my dum-dum words. Directed by Jim Santangeli.


Some other stuff:

"Better than getting laid" - Oh, man. BTK shows are just the best. This was one of my favorite stories and storytelling experiences.

The Scene - I read an excerpt from a short story at the Scene at the PIT, which an amazing cast of improvisers used it as inspiration for their set.

Franklin Park reading series - I read an excerpt from Love Will Tear Us Apart at the acclaimed Brooklyn series.