Campfire come-ons

Is that a can of Deep Woods Off in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Hey baby, can I check you for ticks?

We don't need pills to turn the rain into potable drinking water. You're all I need to quench my thirst.

9 out of 10 park rangers agree the best way to fend off a bear attack is by making out with me.

I only need one stick to start a fire.

No, I actually didn't bring any water bottles because I just want to drink you in.

Were you just making some S'mores, or are you always this hot?

Do you know where the trailhead is? Because I just got lost in your eyes.

You're so beautiful that I feel dizzy. Also, I'm pretty dehydrated.

I'm afraid to go hiking on a really steep trail with you, because I'm already falling for you.

Do you hear a buzzing sound? No? Must just be my heart.

No, no, I'm just going to lie down for a while and close my eyes and think of your smile and the angels are talking to me now and they confirmed that you fell from heaven and now they're telling me everything is going to be okay and that our love will live on forever OH HELLO LIBERACE I LOVE YOUR HARP AND YOUR PANTS ARE THEY GLITTERY FLANNEL WHY ARE YOU EATING ME BEEEEESSS NO BEEES I'LL TAKE POTENT POTABLES FOR $400 ALEX WHAT IS DRY MOUTH, HEART PALPITATIONS AND GENERAL CONFUSION? 

it's dark

because all the light is shining on you

so so dark