I am no longer on vacation.

Turning off my vacation responder is the closest I'll ever come to feeling like a world-weary cop who was enjoying retirement (well... as much as I could enjoy anything knowing that the worst murderer who ever existed is still at large) until she gets called in for one last big case that will probably culminate in her murder... and my murder will be sad and everything but also bittersweet because this job was in my blood and I can't imagine going out any other way and at least I was able to share my wisdom with that rookie punk who does things in a way I don't approve of, but I can't deny that we each learned something from one another CLUTCHES CHEST BLOOD POURS OUT FROM BULLET WOUND MY LITTLE FINGERS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO HOLD IN ALL THE BLOOD DIES. (PS my job is editing books and I was on vacation for three days.)